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How Rare Is Your Personality?

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)
Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.
Sigh I'm discouraged my eletricity problem still isn't fixed my boss has other priorities and I don't feel like pushing the issue I guess I'll just have to wait till he get's around to it. Oh well Joe sent me some useful data and instructions on how to try and find out why my computer keeps dumping me off City of Heroes so I need to look into that and get that taken care of. Going to be gone this weekend unfortunately, I have to work, on the upside it's a bit like going to a convention I get to stay in a motel instead of a tent and the whole thing is inside so no worries about the weather which is a plus the money will be nice but I wont reeally get to have a weekend which isn't. and I'll miss roleplaying and chances to get experiance and see everyone and stuff :) sigh... oh well can't be helped. I feel I wasted my weekend don't know why I feel this way, probably was sleeping in to much on Saturday. It sure wasn't Friday it seemed to take forever to get home the snow was awful barely made it back ( the trip was still well worth it though Nicky) I stopped to help a guy and his girl but he had a cell phone so he already had help coming for him. He asked if I had anything I could pull him out with, and it was all I could do not to laugh he was slide 4ft below the level of the highway it was a wonder he didn't flip, that and the fact that he thought my truck could pull him out he was trying to push the car out himself while she hit the accellerator he didn't have a chance in hell of moving that thing I was ging to tell him but decided to let him figure it out himself.... I mean I like my truck but I know it's limits and pulling him out of that ditch was a job for a wrecking service and not a light duty pickup with no weight in the back on roads with no traction. anyway I made it back ok it was alot easier once I saw a guy with his lights off and did the same the blinding glare of the snow disappeared and I could see well like I had my lights on I guess. Hmmm what else happened...hmmmm nothing much more than that that is worth telling or that I wish to write of, I did alot more thinking about things and ended up in the same place. Got to see the stars quite clearly tonight....they were breathtaking and inspiring at the same time, it's always a pleasure to rediscover them again and just look and wonder I think I'll end with that thought. Well I hope this finds you well if your reading this. Josh

P.S. I think I figured out how to post on America upstairs so if your intrested you can look at my back story for my charater there if your interested.

My first real time writing in my journal

Well here we go my first time writing in my journal. Not bad so far things are flowing well. Just realized some stuff that makes me very happy, nothing momentous well to me it is. It's a secret and by that I mean that it is a secret only to me but reguardless, thank you, You don't know who you are at least I don't think you do. The smallest knindnessess can mean so much. :) but enough talking in riddles I sound just plain silly and I don't want people catching on to me so soon. I like to try to preserve the aura of respectablity and sanity for awhile atleast anyway. Work was ok today, tomorrow my boss is going to run some new wiring and I'm going to be helping him and since he's running wire anyway he's going to run a new line to my apartment for my computer since this older apartment isn't grounded at all. Believe me I checked all the outlets. And since the new computer that (ecchikun gracoiusly put together for me and which I never would have figured out how to assemblein a million years) doesnt't have a ground line the fancy surge protector I got at ecchikun's sage advice really can't do more than slightly iron out random minor power spikes hooray. Anyway this is all supposed to be fixed tomorrow and even better while I'm on the clock I'm going to be paid to improve my own place, only down side I don't like playing with electricty ( there was a incident not as nearly as bad as THE INCIDENT shudder but bad nonetheless ) and the other down side is I don't relish running around up in the attic like a demented monkey trying not to put my foot throught the ceiling. First that would be bad but even worse would be the fact that I'd be the one to have to fix my mistake so I'm really going to try and concentrate tomarrow and think happy thoughts and not screw up or get shocked or other variuos bad things. I do have slight misgivings as to how my walls will look by the time we're done ( my boss is big on drilling holes and it is his building so I can't stop him really and it's such a nice apartment) Anyway we'll see how it goes. Got my city of heroes comic book today it was nice. Felt slightly pathetic at feeling as happy as I did to see it till I thought that 1. it doesn't hurt any one else that I like a comic book and 2. why should I feel bad? is it so bad to be a geek and like this sort of stuff. I have tons of books to read and games to play ones that I started and couldn't beat or didn't get around to. I know you can't buy happiness but some times I think you can rent it. Is that what I'm doing just renting it for a few hours or days, the lenght of a movie on DVD that I'll probly never watch again and If I do only once. An online game I pay for yet seldom play mainly cause I suck and other difficulties with it even though the game it's self is gorgoues. Could I be happy if I gave up everything but work and just became a workaholic and lose myself in work to escape from myself and having to think about my life. Maybe I was using alchol to try and escape from my problems, though I doubt this now that I think on it. First It takes way to much alchol to get me slightly tippsy and second if so my liver would have gone into hiding anyway cause if I had to drink an ocean to feel happy I'd have died of liver poisining long ago. I gave up alchol and soda for lent and other than the first few days and just getting out of the habit of reaching for a beer or ordering one it's not to hard at all. I don't really even miss it anymore. sigh which for some reason makes me feel less human than I should be. A normal perons should have to struggle atleast a little to give something up not me not real maybe it's because few things matter to me, things are replaceable people are not they are hopelessly precoius and unique. Maybe it's because I'm just in practice from using my will all the time to help me not do other stuff like throttle idiots who say really hurtful things to their kids, or well you know all the time having to tell myself that force is the last choice in the tool box of life of how to solve problems and not the first. But it works I hang on with an iron grip and hang in there and just wait to see wether I'll get to be happy some day or wheter I'll hang it all up. Man this is starting to sound like a downer post what happened to me.... they say wruitting a journal is good therapy but this is a book pratically I'll try and keep it shorter next time. May be I'll figure out away to connect to the community america upstairs which was the whole point that I signed up for a journal in the first place.... I swear that it was not to showcase my poor grammer, spelling and totally lack of sentance structure, really :) though I'd be hard pressed to prove that it wasn't. Hmmm is there anything else oh my family. well I might talk about that latter some day maybe. Hope this finds you well, whoever reads this.
hm.... is this how this works....



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